Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Some Cancers

To all the vegetarians out there, keep up the healthy work. According to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer, herbivores develop fewer cases of blood, bladder, and stomach cancer than their carnivorous counterparts. Although strict veggie eating didn’t reduce risks in other cancers such as that of the bowel, the links of healthy eating to healthy living were apparent. Nutrition is becoming a more and more prominent factor in cancer prevention, with this study revealing that the food we put in our bodies effects the diseases that springs forth from them. You are what you eat – don’t be a carcass.

According to the BBC, the study tested over 60,000 people of distinct eating backgrounds – meat eaters, fish but not other meat eaters, and then pure veg-heads. The results show that in certain fields of disease like multiple myeloma, a rare cancer of the bone marrow, vegetarians were 75% less likely to develop the disease than meat-eaters. However, fish eaters did not show the same signs of resistance, leading researchers to believe that some mechanism in the meat causes the drop in biological shielding.

A very illuminating difference was that of stomach cancer. Fish eaters and pure vegetarians were one-third less likely to develop stomach cancer than meat eaters. This is striking because according to, over 21,000 will be diagnosed with this stomach disease in 2009.

However, the study was not without its negative results. Vegetarians have a slightly higher rate of colon and rectum cancer than meat-eaters. Also, the risk of fish eaters/vegetarians for developing cervical cancer was double that of meat-eaters, although researchers stated that more trials were necessary to verify that these results are accurate and not an anomaly.

The lead author of the study explained that this is just a single study and should not have a major impact on people’s diets. However, these results do lean towards persuasive since they confirm a few previously held beliefs about the benefits of a non-meat diet on cancer prevention. Perhaps better stated, they reinforce what has been known about a meat (red and processed) diet and its effects on a person’s health.

Eating healthy food should be of paramount importance in our lives. What we put in our bodies realizes what we get out of bodies. Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. Drinking increases the risk of liver cancer. Sometimes the things we invite in to our bodies can be the guests from hell. To know who to open the door for requires education and direction. That’s why becoming a nutritionist can be one of the most fulfilling and delicious professions available. Find out if you’d want to acquire this taste.