This Ripple of Online Nursing May Become the Waive of the Future

Nursing Education is going digital. This month, classes will begin in California for the first accredited online nursing baccalaureate program. This program, approved by the Education/Licensing Committee of the Board of Registered Nurses, is the first of its kind and looks to revolutionize nursing education. Future nurses should be all smiles at this development since the hurdles of time and distance have been significantly lowered by making training a digital doctrine.

The nation has a nursing shortage, with not enough skilled staff filling all the vital roles. However, with the onset of the online training program, there is hope that a positive flux of candidates will spring into these vacant positions. “This partnership is a great example of our healthcare providers, educators, and the state working together to alleviate our nursing shortage and get more Californians to work,” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a release. “This new online program is a win-win for California by making nursing programs more accessible to people interested in pursuing this career path and helping to fill critically needed jobs throughout the state.”

Online Nursing

However, this initiative took many years to become a reality, understandably so. Many critics believed that nursing should be a hands-on process that has students working on site and not on the internet. That hurdle has been leapt by this initiative by making RN students enroll at a university, take most classes online, and complete clinical practice training at partner hospitals.

The California online nursing program abolishes the idea of someone not having the means to follow their dreams of becoming a nurse. The internet has uncuffed the population from chasing down its dreams.