Calling All Make-up Enthusiasts!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting job that is ever-changing but always interesting, why don’t you become an expert in applying makeup? To achieve this goal, you could take courses in makeup artist training and become a pro!

Makeup artist training is a good way to learn the fundamental skills in this field, preparing you for a further degree in cosmetology. Taking these courses at a registered school of makeup artistry can really build your career and open a lot of doors. During these classes, you will meet outstanding makeup artists who will share their secrets of makeup application with you! Once you’ve mastered the fundamental techniques that these courses provide, you can move on to more specialized applications.

Professional makeup artists
Makeup artist training, or cosmetology, is a great way to learn fundamental makeup techniques, but also a chance to meet potential clients. This will also help you create and maintain a professional portfolio of your work. You will also meet and deal with professionals in the fields of television, music videos, and movies.

Professional makeup artists stand to make an average earning of $37,561, according to results from the 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Makeup artists in the fields of motion picture and video and promoters of performing arts had the highest earnings, at $70,600 and $62,390 respectively. Makeup artists working in more population-dense, metropolitan areas stand to work at a higher rate than those in more rural areas of the country.

The duration of classes depends on you level of study. If you would like to become more concentrated and experienced in the field, take more classes and go on to obtain a degree in cosmetology. The sky is the limit in this career path!