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All About the Forensic Science Career Field

The first thing you should know about the forensic science career field is that it really is a serious job. CSI may make it look like a sort of “James Bond in the 21st Century” kind of job, because you…
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Why We Need Plumbing Schools

Our society needs plumbers. In light of the recession, it is becoming more difficult for students to obtain apprenticeships – so where are these students supposed to learn the key skills to become a plumber? The answer is at trade…
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Benefits of a Tech School

Enrolling in a technical school provides many benefits that going to a traditional four year college cannot. Namely, technical schools cost less, offer shorter programs and admission is generally not dependent upon good grades. Let’s look at the positives more…
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Calling All Make-up Enthusiasts!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting job that is ever-changing but always interesting, why don’t you become an expert in applying makeup? To achieve this goal, you could take courses in makeup artist training and become a…
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Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Some Cancers

To all the vegetarians out there, keep up the healthy work. According to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer, herbivores develop fewer cases of blood, bladder, and stomach cancer than their carnivorous counterparts. Although strict veggie eating…
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